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Savvy Business Consulting for Your Company in Scottsdale

Afro-american cafe owner standing smiling wearing apron with folded armsOwning a business is one of the most rewarding ways to achieve financial freedom. While many individuals want to become financially independent by starting a business, only a select few achieve their full potential. This is because running a business is challenging. As a small business owner, you will likely wear many hats to figure out the best ways to use your already limited time and resources. With professional business consulting and planning, Trumble Financial CPA can benefit your venture significantly!

Attaining financial freedom through business ownership begins with a detailed plan and willingness to commit to your plan. Our experienced team of CPAs can help you make informed decisions designed to push your company forward and stand out amidst the fierce competition as your business grows. In addition to providing sound business consulting solutions, we can offer a fresh, unbiased perspective for helping your venture thrive. Contact Trumble Financial CPA in Scottsdale to schedule a consultation today!

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Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Consulting Services

business people shaking handsMany small business owners often assume that professional consulting services are out of their reach financially. The consulting solutions provided by Trumble Financial CPA are more comprehensive now than ever, making them more considerable of your budget. As a business owner, there comes a time when you need outside help to maintain an upward trajectory. Our CPAs and experienced business consultants work with your company in all aspects of planning, strategy, and problem-solving to make sure that your business is headed in the right growth direction.

When enlisting our consulting services, you work closely with strategic consultants who introduce necessary outside perspectives to help you find new business growth opportunities. Working with our business consultants at Trumble Financial CPA can also help your business optimize its operations, minimize losses, and stabilize cash flow. After all, profit is the goal when it comes to business.

Evaluating Your Business

financial advisors working with financial chartsWhen it comes to evaluating your business, understanding financial data is the starting point. If you cannot understand your finances, you cannot determine the performance of your company. As a business owner, you are better off hiring our team to evaluate your business and forge a way forward. Our business consultants can analyze your business and help you develop solutions designed to help your company move towards greater success.

Our CPAs also help you collect and interpret key financial data and gauge the performance of your business. With this information, you will be able to plan on how to continually grow and develop your venture. Trumble Financial CPA, we employ unique knowledge and skillsets. Our CPAs use their experiences to teach you how to make informed decisions based on the information they obtain from evaluating your business.

Creating a Strategic Business Plan

business team working in officePlanning is imperative to running a successful business. An effective business plan is a carefully devised strategy detailing your business goals and how you plan to achieve them. It's a roadmap that provides direction to help you plan the future of your business and avoid bumps along the road.

A business plan tells the story of what you want to do and how you plan to do it. Having a solid business plan makes the planning process significantly less daunting. A good one covers all the essential issues that will make your business a successful venture. But what is a good business plan? Here are a few tips to help you create a business plan that will generate good results:

Measurable. A good business plan should be measurable. It should allow you to track your progress in terms of numbers. This means tasks, budgets, deadlines, forecasts, and dates should all be included. More importantly, you should be able to track the results against the plan.

Realistic. Effective business plans include practical strategies. Successful plans that apply realistic goals based around your business are more likely to help your venture prosper.

Specific. What are the needs of your business? Ask yourself this question when creating your plan. You need to make sure that your strategy is specific to the needs of your business.

Identify Assumptions. Business plans give a sneak peek into the future of a company. Therefore, business plans are based on assumptions, which can be wrong. A solid strategy must identify assumptions and keep them upfront for planning purposes.

Define Responsibilities. A good business plan clearly defines responsibilities for implementation. Who is responsible for this task or that function? Functions that do not have owners are highly likely to go unaccomplished.

Products and Services. What are you selling? You need to include solid information about the products or services your business offers. It should also include a statement on what sets your products or services from your competitors.

Financing Needs. A good business plan should cover all your financial needs. Your projected financial statements determine your finances. These projections provide a model of your business idea, the market, and your strategy.

Personnel Information. Your plan should also include essential background information about each personnel member. This should be a brief but accurate account of each key member and what they bring to the table.

Our CPAs can help you create a long-term business plan and help your company grow and maintain profitability. At Trumble Financial CPA, we work with small business owners across Scottsdale to create and customize business strategies that better secure the future of their businesses.

Our CPAs understand the importance of a good business plan and strive to create one that protects your assets and helps your venture remain profitable. We also know that these business strategies affect your ability to obtain funding. We help you create a strong business plan that will help you qualify for loans and other small business funding opportunities.

Securing Your Business Funds & Credit

Double exposure of city and rows of coinsExisting and new small businesses face a wide variety of challenges when securing funds and credit. This includes funding for major purchases such as real estate, and other assets. Our business consultants can help you obtain more financial backing and address the challenges you may be facing trying to grow and maintain your venture.

We offer business consulting services and training to enhance your ‘loan readiness' so that you are better equipped to receive financing when you need it. For your company to sustain growth, you need adequate access to appropriate finances. Knowing what is necessary to build an application package for funding or lines of credit is vital when seeking capital from these financial institutions.


man checking his credit scoreCredit is the cornerstone of the American economy. Many small businesses in the U.S. rely on credit to fund their day-to-day operations as well as long-term investments. As a business owner, you'll likely need to obtain loans and other forms of credit to remain competitive. However, you need to have a good credit history and a solid business plan to apply for equity funding and short-term business loans.

Creditworthiness includes your ability and willingness to pay back the loan. Lenders can utilize several financial tools to assess your creditworthiness. As a business, lenders look at your cash flow statements, balance sheets, inventory turnover rate, management performance, and debt structure. Additionally, credit unions, banks, and other lenders want to see your financial records and documents that show them your creditworthiness.

As a business owner, you should also be ready to discuss your business' financial position with a potential lender. Fortunately, Trumble Financial CPA can help. Our CPAs work with you to help you make sense of financial documents and what they say about your business' economic health.

Business Valuation

Financial adviser working with clients analyzing data at the table in cafeValuation is the process of determining the present economic value of your business and its assets. Attaching an accurate assessment to your company is vital for your ongoing business strategy. When placing the financial value on your business, our analysts examine its capital structure, the market value of assets, prospective future earnings, and its overall management.

We use detailed valuations to determine where your business is and what it's worth. There are several techniques we use to verify the economic value of your company. These include assessing the book value, earning multipliers, market caps, and more.

5 Reasons Why You Need Business Valuation

Business valuation is essential for helping improve the performance of any venture. Five reasons why your business may need professional valuation include:

  1. You need an objective assessment to negotiate with potential investors for financing.
  2. You need an updated economic value of your business for future decisions and growth.
  3. You need to ensure you are getting the best asking price for what your business is worth when selling to a third party.
  4. If you are contemplating selling your business, you need to establish its worth, profitability, and economic value for an exit strategy.
  5. When you need proof of the actual worth of your business when paying settlements or damages.

Business valuation is essential when it comes to making crucial business decisions. It's a complex financial analysis that should only be performed by qualified valuation professionals with all the necessary credentials. At Trumble Financial CPA, our team is equipped to give you an accurate depiction of the current economic value of your business for whatever you need.

Get the Consulting Services Your Business Needs Today!

Ultimately, running a successful business requires a lot of hard work and dedication. As your business grows and expands, help from a seasoned team of professionals can help manage tasks and offer a fresh perspective. Enlisting the services of our business consultants at Trumble Financial CPA in Scottsdale can provide you with some much needed outside perspective to help steer your venture in the right direction.

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